“’Dare to Struggle, Dare to Win’: U.S. Prisoners Collectively Resisting Against Systems of Death.” Routledge International Handbook on Penal Abolitionism (2021, co-authored with Ben Turk, Routledge International Handbook on Penal Abolitionism)

Shifting Carceral Landscapes: Decarceration and the Reconfiguration of White Supremacy., (2018, co-authored with Ben Turk, Abolition: A Journal of Insurgent Politics)

‘Freedom First’: Pursuing Abolition Through Supporting Prisoner Resistance., (2018, co-authored with Ben Turk, Contemporary Anarchist Criminology: Against Authoritarianism and Punishment.

Carceral Feminisms: The Abolitionist Project and Undoing Dominant Feminisms (2017, co-authored with Elizabeth Whalley, Contemporary Justice Review 20(4): 456-473.)

Justice in Gender-Responsiveness? Psychological Dominations and Internalized Oppressions (2016, co-authored with Tara Perry, Journal of Prisoners on Prisons 25(1): 19-38.)

Justice through Defiance, (2015, Contemporary Justice Review 18(1): 68-75)

Transformative Visions: Governing Through Alternative Practices and Therapeutic Interventions at a Women’s Reentry Center, (2013, Feminist Criminology, 8(3): 221-242)

Other Publications:

Abolishing the “Psy”-ence Fictions: Critiquing the Relationship Between the Psychological Sciences and the Prison System (2016, Perspectives on Anarchist Theory, 29)

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