About Me

Hello and welcome to my page! I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Colorado State University Pueblo. I earned my doctoral degree from the Department of Sociology at the University of Colorado in Boulder, with special emphases in critical and feminist criminology, social inequalities, and qualitative methods.

My research focuses on rehabilitation, social control, and abolition studies. I recently concluded a five-year ethnography of a rehabilitation program for women released from jail or prison, examining how punitive ideologies shape rehabilitative programming. I am currently working on a book manuscript of my study, entitled ‘Helping Women Help Themselves’: Carceral Empowerment and Gender-Responsive Justice. I attempt to unpack the ways in which social inequalities are reproduced and reinforced in a therapeutic setting – specifically one that manages court-mandated women who are socially, economically, and politically marginalized. Feel free to peruse through my publications or zines to read about my work.

As an educator, I seek to produce student-centered learning experiences that make challenging course material relevant to students’ lives. I work to create respectful classroom environments where we can learn from one another, and where we can make the sociological connections between our personal experiences and larger structural patterns.

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