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Colleen Hackett, Ph.D. // Colorado State University Pueblo // Department of Sociology and Criminology // 2200 Bonforte Boulevard // Pueblo, CO 81001-4901


Ph.D., University of Colorado, 2015 Dissertation Title: “Helping Women Help Themselves”: An Ethnography of Carceral Empowerment and the Neoliberal Rehabilitative Ideal at a Recovery Center for Criminalized Women

B.A., Social Sciences and International Studies, Clark University, 2008

Areas of Specialization and Teaching Interests

  • Critical Feminist Criminology
  • Reentry and Rehabilitation
  • Race, Class, Gender, and Crime
  • Punishment and Culture
  • Qualitative Research/Ethnography
  • Critical Prison Studies
  • Social Inequalities

Refereed Publications

Hackett, Colleen and Ben Turk.* 2018. “Shifting Carceral Landscapes: Decarceration and the Reconfiguration of White Supremacy.” Abolition: A Journal of Insurgent Politics. [*equal coauthorship]

Hackett, Colleen and Ben Turk*. 2018. “‘Freedom First’: Pursuing Abolition through Supporting Prisoner Resistance. Contemporary Anarchist Criminology: Against Authoritarianism and Punishment, edited by Anthony J. Nocella II, Mark Seis, and Jeffrey Shantz. New York: Peter Lang Publishing. [*equal coauthorship]

Whalley, Elizabeth and Colleen Hackett*. 2017“Carceral Feminisms: The Abolitionist Project and Undoing Dominating Feminisms.” Contemporary Justice Review. [*equal coauthorship]

Perry, Tara and Colleen Hackett*. 2016. “Justice in Gender-Responsiveness?” Journal of Prisoners on Prisons 25(1): 19-38. [*equal coauthorship]

Hackett, Colleen. 2015. “Justice through Defiance.” Contemporary Justice Review. 18(1): 68-75.

Hackett, Colleen. 2013. “Transformative Visions: Governing through Alternative Practices and Therapeutic Interventions at a Women’s Reentry Center.” Feminist Criminology. 8(3): 221-242.

  • 2013 Honorable Mention, Division on Crime and Juvenile Delinquency, Society for the Study of Social Problems

Other Publications

Hackett, Colleen. 2016. “Abolishing the ‘Psy’-ence Fictions: The Relationship between the Psychological Sciences and the Prison System.” Perspectives on Anarchist Theory 29: 53-64.

Hackett, Colleen. 2014. “Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol.” Encyclopedia of Crime and Punishment edited by Wesley G. Jennings, George E. Higgins, Dave N. Khey, and Mildred M. Maldonado-Molina. Wiley-Blackwell Publications. [invited]

Hackett, Colleen. 2014. “Desistance.” Encyclopedia of Social Deviance edited by Craig J. Forsyth and Heith Copes. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.

Refereed Book Reviews

Hackett, Colleen. 2013. “Territories in Resistance: A Cartography of Latin American Social Movements” by Raul Zibechi and translated by Ramor Ryan. Interface: A Journal For and About Social Movements. 5(1): 367-70.

(Selected) Refereed Conference Presentations

2016. Hackett, Colleen and Ben Turk. “The Carceral Afterlife of Slavery.” Presented at American Society of Criminology (ASC) annual meeting, New Orleans, LA.

2016. Hackett, Colleen. “Resolving the Tensions between Popular Education and the Psychologization of Oppression at a Women’s Prison.” Presented at the International Conference on Penal Abolition annual meeting, Quito, Ecuador.

2015. Hackett, Colleen. “Carceral Therapeutics and the Shadow State: Troubling the Role of Psychiatry in Alternatives to Incarceration.” Presented at the Penal Abolition session at the American Society of Criminology (ASC) annual meeting, Washington, DC.

2014. Hackett, Colleen. “Teaching Abolition: Imagining a World Without Prisons as a Means of Resisting the Carceral State.” Presented at the Teaching about Prison Abolition session at the American Society of Criminology (ASC) annual meeting, San Francisco, CA. 2014.

2013. Hackett, Colleen. “The Use of Focus Groups Among Criminalized Women.” Presented at the Rethinking Distinctions between Crime, Delinquency, and Deviance session at the Society for the Study of Social Problems (SSSP) annual meeting, New York City, NY.

(Selected) Non-Refereed Conference Presentations

2014. Hackett, Colleen and Ben Turk. “Mass Incarceration, Carceral Systems, and Transformative Justice: Public Pedagogy through Theatre.” Presented at the Pedagogy and Theatre of the Oppressed Conference annual meeting, Omaha, NE.

2014. Hackett, Colleen. “Popular Education in Prison: Alternative Empowerment Models in Practice.” Presented at the International Conference on Penal Abolition annual meeting, Ottawa, Canada.

2014. Hackett, Colleen and Ben Turk. “An End to the War on Drugs?: Shifting Carceral Landscapes and Practical Strategies in a ‘Smart on Crime’ Era.” The International Conference on Penal Abolition annual meeting, Ottawa, Canada.

(Selected) Honors and Awards

University of Colorado, Department of Sociology, Ralph and Barbara Dakin Award (2014). Awarded annually to recognize one graduate student who produces outstanding scholarship that contributes to peace, intercultural understanding, resolution of conflict, or the amelioration of important social problems. ($1000)

University of Colorado, Department of Sociology, Betsy Moen “Walk the Talk” Award (2013). Awarded annually to one sociology graduate student who seeks to improve the lives of women through their research, activism, and teaching. ($500)

University of Colorado, Best Should Teach Silver Award, Graduate Teacher Program (2013). Awarded to graduate students who demonstrate outstanding teaching, educational leadership, and service.

Courses Taught

Colorado State University Pueblo Penology Crime, Drugs, and Social Policy Social and Cultural Theory

University of Colorado Boulder Drugs in U.S. Society* Juvenile Delinquency* U.S. Race and Ethnic Relations* Crime & Society Deviance in U.S. Society (*instructor of record)

Professional Development

Metro Area Engaged Faculty Institute: Introduction to Service Learning (2014) ($500)

Colorado Preparing Future Faculty Network (2014)

Knapsack Institute, Matrix Center for the Advancement of Social Equity and Inclusion (2013)

Professional Organizations

American Sociological Association 

–Section of Crime, Law, and Deviance

American Society of Criminology

–Division on Critical Criminology

–Division on Women and Crime

Society for the Study of Social Problems   

–Division on Crime and Juvenile Delinquency

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